Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beautician 3.0 (Dillion Francis vs Professor Green)

Moombahton. Girls love it cause they can dance sexy to it. Guys love it cause girls dance sexy to it.

After the first listen of Dillon Francis's Beautician 2.0, I knew right away I needed to put my own spin on it. Being enamored by Professor Green's delivery style, he quickly made my short list of "vocals to mash," but I could not find an acapella to save my life. Thus entered the next 48 hours of my life where I relentlessly hunted down an instrumental and phased that shit within an inch of my sanity. I will probably never have the patience to do it again, but for what it's worth the end result was badass! Grab the free download and let me know if you love it!

Dutty Love (Kingdom ft Nicki Minaj vs Treasure Fingers)

Dutty Love (Kingdom ft Nicki Minaj vs Treasure Fingers) by The Mixdown

Probably one of my favorite party mashups - it blends the perfect amount of mainstream appeal with underground producer talent.

Credit: I stole the original mash from the very badass CJ Milli, so any praise goes her way. This is just my take on it.